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RISC-KIT: European Maritime Day 2014 Workshop "Coasts and Ports at threat" - An Overview

The workshop “Coasts and Ports at threat”, organized in the framework of the European Maritime Day 2014, held in May 20, at Bremen, Germany, was an opportunity for the discussion of multidisciplinary subjects related to coastal risk management and for the broader presentation of RISC-KIT to the stakeholders.

The workshop “Coasts and Ports at threat”, organized in the framework of the European Maritime Day 2014, aimed to underline the importance of interdisciplinary science regarding the reduction of coastal risk, introduce the FP7 projects RISC-KIT and PEARL and connect scientific implementation with real life examples from Kiel, Hamburg and Bremen coastal and port areas.


The main conclusions of the workshop, deriving both from the discussion between the speakers and the panel members as well as from the interventions from the audience, are presented below.

  • The cost of flood damages in Europe is very high annually, and yet there are significant categories of indirect cost that are highly underestimated regarding that matter. The need for cost-effective, ecosystem-based and adaptive approaches for the development of resilience-increasing coastal strategies is urgent and pressing.
  • It is necessary to change the perception and approaches regarding flood management, from the purely engineering point of view to an integrated and trans-disciplinary one. Integrating the socio-economic component in the process of flood management can lead to more effective, adaptive and realistic solutions.
  • Trans-disciplinary research must be coupled with stakeholders’ involvement and with deep understanding of societal needs in order to develop methods, tools and approaches, appropriate for all Europe.
  • EU-funded research is instrumental regarding the exchange of knowledge and information for the creation of added value methods as well as for social and administrative capacity building in the field of coastal risk management.


1. Ms. Eleni Manoli, DG Research and Innovation, Programme Officer, European Commission.

2. Dr. Grit Martinez,  RISC-KIT WP leader on socio-cultural aspects, Ecologic Institute, Germany.

3. Ms. Natasa Manojlovic, PEARL WP leader, Hamburg University of Technology, Germany.

4. Mr. Uwe von Bargen, Bremenports GmbH & Co. KG, Environmental Director, Germany.

 Workshop speakers

Fig.1: Workshop's "Coasts and Ports at threat" speakers (left to right): Ms. Manojlovic, Dr. Martinez, Mr. von Bargen and Ms. Manoli.



1. Prof. Jürgen Jensen, Head of Research Institute for Water and Environment (FUW), University of Siegen, Germany.

2. Dr. Andreas Burzel, Research Associate in Leichtweiß-Institute for Hydraulic Engineering and Water Resources, Germany.

3. Dr. Friso Schlitte, Senior Researcher at the Hamburg Institute of International Economics (HWWI), Germany.

4. Dr. Ap van Dongeren, Specialist in numerical wave modelling at Deltares Institute of Applied Research, The Netherlands.

5. Ms. Cristina Costa, Environmental Engineer, Communication expert and Office Coordinator of EurOcean, Portugal.



Dr. Mary Papaschinopoulou, Director of the Representation to the EU, IHK, Association of North German CCIs, Brussels.


Panel and Moderator

Fig.2:Workshop's "Coasts and Ports at threat" panel and moderator (left to right): Prof. Jensen, Dr. Burzel, Dr.  Schlitte, Dr. van Dongeren, Ms. Costa, Dr. Papaschinopoulou.

More photographs from the event are available to our Gallery.


For a deeper analysis of the socio-cultural aspects regarding resilience, preparedness and action to risks at European coasts, as presented during the Workshop "Coasts and Ports at threat" by Dr. Martinez you can also read her relevant article