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RISC-KIT at the 2nd European Climate Change Adaption Conference in Copenhagen

RISC-KIT participated to the 2nd ECCA Conference by co-organising and chairing two sessions regarding increased coastal resilience. In the framework of the conference Ap van Dongeren and Grit Martinez gave three presentations on related subjects.



The second biannual ‘European Climate Change Adaptation Conference’, 2015, was hosted in Copenhagen. An initiative of a number of major European research projects and other stakeholders, amongst whom Ecologic Institute. The conference covered a broad range of issues related to climate change adaptation and also placed emphasis on understanding and assessing adaptation in action under the theme: "Integrating climate adaptation action in science, policy, practitioners and business". Additionally the conference offered a unique platform for researchers, policy makers, and businesses to share new research results, novel policy developments, and practical implementation experiences regarding climate change impacts and adaptation, as well as highlight opportunities for business innovations aimed at supporting the transition to low carbon societies. Through the conference it was also demonstrated how climate change adaptation in Europe can contribute to job creation and other societal benefits.


RISC-KIT co-organised two sessions at the framework of the conference:


in collaboration with PEARL and under the title "Reducing Coastal Vulnerability in Europe: science, policy and application" this session discussed the preliminary results of the two EU projects and raised awareness on the trans-disciplinary aspects of coastal risk reduction as well as providing examples of the interaction between policy makers, scientists and practitioners for use across Europe. In the framework of the session, RISC-KIT’s project coordinator and chair of the session, Ap van Dongeren, from Deltares, gave a presentation titled “Coastal risk reduction: Converging approaches in the USA and the Netherlands?” [.pdf] and Grit Martinez, from Ecologic, gave a presentation titled “Socio-cultural aspects in coastal vulnerability and risk reduction: perspectives for end users and stakeholders” [.pdf].


Ap van Dongeren Grit Martinez

 Fig. 1: Ap van Dongeren and Grit Martinez presenting in ECCA session "Reducing Coastal Vulnerability in Europe: science, policy and application".


and, in collaboration with BASE and Radost and under the title "Safeguarding our Shores: Social and Cultural Dimensions of Coastal Climate Change Adaptation in Europe" this session explored the role of culture and history, and their integration in law and policy, in relation to perceptions, local knowledge and values concerning adapting to climate change in coastal regions in Europe and the US. Grit Martinez, from Ecologic, chair of the session, discussed “Why do social-cultural aspects matter when it comes to safeguarding our shores?” [.pdf].


Grit Martinez 2

Fig.2: Grit Martinez presenting in ECCA session "Safeguarding our Shores: Social and Cultural Dimensions of Coastal Climate Change Adaptation in Europe".