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The Ocean-Climate Nexus statement calls attention to the critical role of the ocean in responding to climate change

European Marine Board has published a statement on the importance of ocean research for dealing with climate change.



The European Marine Board (EMB), together with the US Consortium for Ocean Leadership, recently released its Ocean-Climate Nexus Statement, which reflects a consensus view from marine researcher communities in Europe and the USA on priorities for marine research in the face of climate change.

The statement calls parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, COP21, to:

  • Recognise the role of the ocean in reaching post 2020 climate targets
  • Reach agreement with ambitious mitigation targets to reduce emissions
  • Promote ocean and climate research as a key tool in society’s response to climate change.


The statement also calls on funders to support long-term, cross-border collaboration for observation programs, to a degree that represents the ocean’s importance in moderating and mitigating climate change.


The outlined imperative for ocean research includes: Ocean observing, addressing knowledge gaps, achieving long-term data time series, projecting the future by understanding the past, combining advanced models with observations, creating e-infrastructures and data access, and promoting international cooperation.


RISC-KIT is already working towards many of the key objectives identified by the EMB and its collaborators, through the development of advanced modelling frameworks that link ocean and meteorological processes with human systems, using comprehensive datasets, e.g. the Coastal Hazard Assessment module, the Coastal FEWS freeware, and the Coastal Vulnerability Indicator Library, all available in the Project Results section of this website. The RISC-KIT tools provide means by which planning and response in the face of climate change can be optimised to ensure a favourable outcome for human lives and livelihoods.


The access portals and online management tools supporting data exchange and management, currently under development by the RISC-KIT consortium, are excellent examples of the type of e-infrastructures that the Ocean-Climate Nexus calls for.


You can read the full Ocean-Climate Nexus Statement here.

A full recording of the Ocean-Climate Nexus event is available for viewing here. Photos of the event can be viewed in the EMB's photo gallery