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Special Report - 3rd End User Day and RISC-KIT Final Conference

5-7 April 2017, Delft, Netherlands.

RISC-KIT's grand finale took place last month in the home of the project, Deltares, Delft, Netherlands. The three-day event saw participation by RISC-KIT's End Users, International Expert
Board and Summer School students.


The End User Day:

End User Day saw presentations from project researchers and perspectives from other End Users. Applications of the RISC-KIT tools to various real life scenarios were presented, including applications to the Emilia Romagna Region of the Italian Adriatic coast, to the Spanish Catalan Coast, and the Norfolk coast of the United Kingdom.

During the meeting participants had the opportunity to experiment with Deltares Sandbox, a system that uses kinetic sand to allow physical modelling of a coastline in combination with computing models that can predict the response to and impact of different manipulated scenarios. The RISC-KIT Case Study site, Ria Formosa, was used as an example for this demonstration. 


End Users experiment with Deltares Sand Box 


Video demonstration of the Sandbox 


The afternoon session of End User Day changed pace as participants were invited to review the outcomes of the Multi-Criteria Analysis (MCA) sessions carried out all over Europe during 2016. Results were displayed on a series of posters and delegates could review and compare the outcomes from different regions.


Delegates peruse the outcomes of MCA analysis.


Finally, a discussion ensued revolving around the latest RISC-KIT policy brief (Deliverable 6.6), in which the recommendations from the project were presented. Each of the workpackage leaders spoke about their particular recommendations and invited comments and feedback from the audience. 


A discussion of the latest Policy Brief ensued.


The agenda also included a visit to the Deltares delta flume, an experimental facility that allows for modelling of different scenarios involving wave heights, storm intensity etc.
The flume was commissioned in 2015, on the TU-Delft campus, and is a unique test facility where it is possible to test at full scale the effect of extreme waves on dikes, dunes, breakwaters and offshore structures. There is considerable global demand for the realistic testing of hydraulic structures in particular situations. The Delta Flume is a versatile, indispensable facility that can be used for numerous projects: coastal, harbour and offshore structures. See it for yourself here:



Delft Delta Flume.



The RISC-KIT Conference:

The RISC-KIT Conference was a celebration of all that was achieved during the duration of the project and also an opportunity to look forward, to see how the tools developed during RISC-KIT can be applied in other contexts and other scenarios.

During the two-day Conference we saw how the CRAF was applied on the West African coast, learning from the past to prepare for the future on the Baltic coast, stakeholder involvement in building coastal resilience in the US Chesapeake Bay, planning for extreme events in the Gulf of Mexico, and much, much more.

We also heard contributions from the PEARL project, the Anywhere project and the RISES-AM projects.


You can view the agenda of the meeting here:

3rd End User Day Agenda

Conference Agenda

You can see more photos from the event in the RISC-KIT Conference Gallery, coming soon!