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Another New Book!

Coastal Storms: Processes and Impacts



RISC-KIT is really proving to be a force to be reckoned with as another new book is published with a significant RISC-KIT contribution. Paolo Ciavola, Consorzio Futuro in Ricerca, is once again at the helm as one of the Editors of this new publication entitled “Coastal Storms”.

Coastal Storms offers students and professionals in the field a comprehensive overview and groundbreaking text that is specifically devoted to the analysis of coastal storms. Based on the most recent knowledge and contributions from leading researchers, the text examines coastal storms’ processes and characteristics, the main hazards (such as overwash, inundation and flooding, erosion, structures overtopping), and how to monitor and model storms. The authors include information on the most advanced innovations in forecasting, prediction, and early warning, which serves as a foundation for accurate risk evaluation and developing adequate coastal indicators and management options.
In addition, structural overtopping and damage are explained, taking into account the involved hydrodynamic and morphodynamic processes. The monitoring methods of coastal storms are analyzed based on recent results from research projects in Europe and the United States. Methods for vulnerability and risk evaluation are detailed, storm impact indicators are suggested for different hazards and coastal management procedures analyzed. This important resource includes:

  • Comprehensive coverage of storms and associated impacts, including meteorological coastal storm definitions and related potential consequences
  • A state-of-the-art reference for advanced students, professionals and researchers in the field
  • Chapters on monitoring methods of coastal storms, their prediction, early warning systems, and modeling of consequences
  • Explorations of methods for vulnerability and risk evaluation and suggestions for storm impact indicators for different hazards and coastal management procedures

Coastal Storms is a compilation of scientific and policy-related knowledge related to climate-related extreme events. The authors are internationally recognized experts and their work reflects the most recent science and policy advances in the field.

You can order the book directly from the publisher, Wiley, consult the table of contents or read an excerpt here.