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We are an EU-funded project developing risk management tools, with the help of End Users, to help deal with hazards and storm impacts in vulnerable coastal areas.
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Management structure

RISC-KIT is a multidisciplinary project with ambitious objectives to attain the impacts described in the call text. The project outcome depends highly on the successful interaction and cooperation between all partners and associate partners and boards.

Project Management Team

Deltares will conduct the overall coordination of the project and will form the Project Management Team, which consists of the Project Coordinator and his financial, legal, accounting and administrative staff. Deltares has a longstanding track record in the successful and professional coordination of research projects within the European Framework Programmes, including the projects ENCORA, CONSCIENCE and HYDRALAB. 

Project Coordinator

The Project Coordinator, Ap van Dongeren, will correspond with the European Commission project officer and will serve as the team leader of the consortium. The Project Coordinator guarantees to keep the Commission informed on the progress within the project at all times on demand, and according to fixed reporting moments.

General Assembly

All partners will be represented in the General Assembly by their principal investigator. The General Assembly is the main decision-taking body. The General Assembly will convene bi-annually (every six months) for a Project Progress meeting, where under the chairmanship of the Project Coordinator, the progress of the entire project, broken down in WPs and Tasks will be presented and discussed.

Steering Committee

The Steering Committee is the operational body of the consortium. It will consist of the Project Coordinator, Ap van Dongeren (Deltares) and the WP leaders: Paolo Ciavola (CFR, WP1), Christophe Viavattene (MU, WP2), Simone de Kleermaeker (Deltares, WP3), Grit Martinez (EI, WP4), Oscar Ferreira (UAlg, WP5) and Cristina Costa (EurOcean, WP6). The Steering Committee will convene twice a year directly following the Bi-annual Project Progress meetings to discuss the progress of the project and to optimize WP inter-linkages and task inter-dependencies. The Steering Committee will oversee strategic and scientific planning and will revise the project Description of Work (DoW) if necessary. The Steering Committee members will be responsible for the internal reporting on the progress of the project and will support the Project Coordinator in reporting to the European Commission. The WP leaders will also represent all the partners participating in the respective WP in the decision making process.

Work Package Management

Each WP has a WP leader and is sub-divided into a series of tasks. The WP leaders will bear the ultimate responsibility for the timely completion of the tasks in accordance with predefined quality standards. For this reason, WP leaders will maintain close contact with all Task Leaders to ensure the smooth interaction between all cooperating partners on one task. If necessary, WP and Task Leaders will schedule additional meetings, video calls and tele-conferences. The WP leaders will report regularly to the Project Management Team and the Steering Committee on the progress of their WP and deliverables.

End-user Board with Associate Partners

RISC-KIT will integrate end-users and stakeholders in an End-User Board. Every partner responsible for a case study site has chosen a local key end-user or stakeholder to be actively involved in the project as an Associate Partner. The end-users and stakeholders will dedicate time to provide input on preferred tool requirements and DRR plans and to give feedback on developed tools. They will attend the Spring Project Progress meetings to make recommendations to the Steering Committee for the practical implementation of project deliverables and to give feedback on the RISC-KIT tools and measures developed in WP2, WP3 and WP4.

Please access the End-user Board with Associate Partners list here

International Expert Board

Members of the International Expert Board (IEB) will be invited by the Project Coordinator to attend the Spring Project Progress meetings of the Steering Committee. IEB members will assess the aims of the project, evaluate project progress and scientific results and ensure (international) strategic impact. While the consortium is European-based, the International Expert Board will consist of parties from third countries.

Please access the International Expert Board list here