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We are an EU-funded project developing risk management tools, with the help of End Users, to help deal with hazards and storm impacts in vulnerable coastal areas.
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Work packages and tasks

The following diagrams show the WP interactions (in terms of exchange of results) between different Work Packages (WP) and deliverables in relation to project components.



WP1 - Data intake and review

WP1 will collect and review data and information for all subsequent WPs. From WP1.1 the review of current DRR management policy and historical events (D1.1) will be input into WP4.1 (Development of PMP Measures) and into WP4.4 (Synthesis). In order to condense time, an advance version will be supplied in Milestone 5. D1.2, the synthesis of collected physical, socio-economic, cultural and environmental data at the case study sites, is input into WP4.1 as well. The collected data is stored in a central database (D1.3) which is of direct input into the application of developed tools at the case study sites in WP5.1 and WP5.3.

  • Task 1.1 - Review of DRR plans and analysis of historical events
  • Task 1.2 - Data collectionat the case study sites
  • Task 1.3 - Database development and WebGIS publication

Public Deliverables

WP2 - Vulnerability and risk assessment

WP2 will develop D2.3 Coastal Risk Assessment Framework (CRAF) at the regional scale, based on subcomponent for the Hazards (D2.1) and the Vulnerability (D2.2). This tool will be applied in in the case study sites in WP5.1. In order to condense time, advance (beta) versions of the tools will be supplied to the case study site partners through Milestone 7. The vulnerability library (M3) is input into WP3.3 (Development of the Bayesian Tool).

  • Task 2.1 - Coastal Hazard Assessment module
  • Task 2.2 - Coastal Vulnerability Indicators
  • Task 2.3 - Coastal Risk Assessment Framework (CRAF)  

Public Deliverables

WP3 - Development of IO-EWES

WP3 will develop a detailed Early Warning System combined with a Bayesian Decision Support System (EWS/DSS), D3.1 and D3.3, with a component of the improvement of models in D3.2. All these tools (with beta release M4) will be used in WP5.2 (Setup of EWS/DSS) on the case study sites and used in WP5.3 in the testing of scenarios and proposed DRR plans (which come from D4.1, see below). The Deliverables will be implemented in WP5.4 in operational models.

  • Task 3.1 - Development of coastal FEWS IT infrastructure
  • Task 3.2 - Improvement of physical processes in models
  • Task 3.3 - Development Bayesian Decision Support System 

Public Deliverables

WP4 - New management and policy approaches

WP4 will develop potential prevention, mitigation and preparedness measures, and compile them into site-specific DRR plans, which are input into WP5.3 for testing on the case study sites. On the basis of this testing, D4.2 will evaluate the DRR plans, deliver a D4.3 web-based management guide and provide policy recommendations in D4.4.

  • Task 4.1 - Development of DRR measures and DRR plans
  • Task 4.2 - Evaluate DRR plans for each case study site
  • Task 4.3 - Web-based management guide for DRR plans
  • Task 4.4 - Synthesis Report

Public Deliverables

WP5 - Application at case study sites

WP5 will use input from D1.3, D2.3, D3.1/2/3 and D4.1 to implement the CRAF and EWS tools on site (WP5.1 and WP5.2), and test them against DRR plans proposed in WP5.3. The results of these tests will be fed back to WP4.2 to evaluate the effectiveness and acceptance of the DRR plans.

  • Task 5.1 - CRAF tool application to study sites
  • Task 5.2 - Setup of EWS/DSS
  • Task 5.3 - Testing scenarios and proposed DRR plans
  • Task 5.4 - Operational model implementation

Public Deliverables

WP6 - Dissemination and knowledge transfer

WP6 will take care of all dissemination activities with an important phase of stakeholder identification in WP6.1 and WP6.3 where develop methods tools and approaches will be used in Capacity Building.

  • Task 6.1 - End-users and Stakeholder identification
  • Task 6.2 - Dissemination Plan and Products
  • Task 6.3 - Capacity Building on coastal zone resilience

Public Deliverables

WP7 - Project management

WP7 Will take care of the efficient Management and Coordination of the Consortium and the different WPs.

  • Task 7.1 - Consortium management
  • Task 7.2 - Financial & administrative management and reporting
  • Task 7.3 - Communication with EC and external meetings
  • Task 7.4 - Internal communication and project meetings

Public Deliverables