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We are an EU-funded project developing risk management tools, with the help of End Users, to help deal with hazards and storm impacts in vulnerable coastal areas.
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People involved in RISC-KIT project.

Lead person: Ap van Dongeren (RISC-KIT project coordinator)

Specialist in numerical wave modelling. For 15 years, he has been project leader on various national and international projects.

Stichting Deltares

E-mail: ap.vandongeren(at)

Lead person: Grit Martinez

Senior Fellow Ecologic Institute and Adjunct Associate Professor Duke University. Environmental historian working across the borders of scientific disciplines in a social-cultural-ecological context in coastal/ maritime regions. Spezialised on the influence of  cultural values on risk perception, positioning and adaptation to climate change. 10 years experience as project leader, facilitator and moderator in numerous European and German research projects.

Ecologic Institute

E-mail: grit.martinez(at)

Lead person: Paolo Ciavola

Associate Professor of Coastal Dynamics in the Department of Physics and Earth Sciences of the University of Ferrara.

Consorzio Futuro in Ricerca

E-mail: cvp(at)

Lead person: Óscar Ferreira

Associate Professor lecturing in Coastal Dynamics, Coastal Management, Marine Geology.

University of Algarve

E-mail: Oferreir(at)

Lead person: Piet Haerens

Senior Engineer at International Marine and Dredging Consultants.

International Marine and Dredging Consultants

E-mail: piet.haerens(at)


Lead person: Nikolay Valchev

Associate Professor at the Coastal zone dynamics Department.

Bulgarian Academy of Science, Institute of Oceanology

E-mail: valchev(a)io‐

Lead person: Xavier Bertin

Permanent researcher of CNRS at LIENSs since 2010 focused on hydro-sedimentary dynamics of coastal zones.

LIttoral ENvironnement et Sociétés UMR 7266

E-mail: xbertin(at)

Kees Lead person: Kees den Heijer 

Researcher at Delft University of Technology, Faculty of Civil
Engineering and Geosciences, Section of Hydraulic Engineering.

Delft University of Technology

E-mail: c.denheijer(at)

Lead person: Long Jiang

Scientific Officer of WMO Marine Meteorology and Oceanography Programme (MMOP)is responsible for international coordination in oceanographic and marine meteorological services of the WMO-IOC Joint Technical Commission for Oceanography and Marine Meteorology (JCOMM).

World Meteorological Organisation

E-mail: ljiang(at)

Lead person: José A. Jiménez

Full Professor and Head of the Morphodynamics and ICZM Area of LIM/UPC.

Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya

E-mail: jose.jimenez(at)

Lead person: Nicola Rebora

Project leader at CIMA Research Foundation. Specifically he mainly works on stochastic modelling of precipitation, rainfall downscaling, design of methodologies and forecasting chain for flash flood prediction and radar meteorology.

CIMA Research Foundation

E-mail: nicola.rebora(at)

Lead person: Guntram Seiss

Permanent research staff member of BAW since 1996 specialized in hydronumeric simulation of estuaries.

Federal Waterways Engineering and Research Institute

E-mail: guntram.seiss(at) 


Lead person: Ruth Higgins

Science Officer in EurOcean, she is a marine biologist with experience in research, project management and science communication.

EurOcean Foundation

E-mail: ruth.higgins(at)

Lead person: Karina Barquet

Research Fellow focusing on investigating the geopolitical and institutional dimensions of environmental governance.

Stockholm Environment Institute

E-mail: karina.barquet(at)


Lead person: Christophe Viavattene

Lead researcher for Geographic Information Systems (GIS) at the Flood Hazard Research Centre of the Middlesex University with skills covering a wide range of fields (Ecology, Geography, Modelling, Environmental Economics) interested on understanding how society can better manage the environment through the lens of the water resources and their associated risks (e.g. flood, drought, pollution).

Middlesex University, Flood Hazard Research Center

E-mail: c.viavattene(at)

Lead person: Emmanuel Garnier

Historian of the environment specialized in the history of the climate and the risks.

University of Caen

Email: emmanuel.garnier(at)

Lead person: Tom Spencer

Expert on coastal geomorphology, hydrodynamics, sedimentation and ecological processes in natural and re-created tidal wetlands, estuarine hydro- and morpho-dynamics and coastal zone management.

University of Cambridge, Cambridge Coastal Research Unit

E-mail: tom.spencer(at)

Lead person: Dano Roelvink

Professor of Coastal Engineering and Port Development with 28 years of experience in coastal engineering and research.

Institute for Water Education

E-mail: d.roelvink(at)