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RISC-KIT 2nd End-User Day

RISC-KIT values inputs from practicitioners and end users who will apply the RISC-KIT tools in their own regions. This page is dedicated to a special event organised in October 2015, for RISC-KIT End Users.

RISC-KIT End-Users' Day Announcement


On 14th October 2015, the RISC-KIT Consortium hosted its 2nd day dedicated to End Users. This day was designed to maximise the mutual benefits of science-practice collaboration. The 2nd RISC-KIT End-User Day saw the participation of end users from Bocca di Magra (Italy), Kiel Fjord (Germany), Kristianstad Municipality (Sweden), La Faute-Sur-Mer (France), North Norfolk(UK), Porto Garibaldi-Bellocchio (Italy), Sandwip (Bangladesh), Tordera Delta (Spain), Varna(Bulgaria) and Zebrugge (Belgium). Additional guests from the European Commission, the French Ministry, the European Joint Research Centre (Italy), and the RISC-KIT International Expert Board also attended the event.


The 2nd RISC-KIT End-User Day agenda is available here


RISC-KIT End Users are practitioners who work directly in our Case Study areas, some for local government, others for private businesses, etc. The End-Users are the people for whom we are designing the RISC-KIT toolkit. They help us to understand what is needed for better DRR in their regions, so that we can develop the most relevant and innovative tools available. RISC-KIT End Users have collaborated in the project since the beginning stages and are crucial in helping the RISC-KIT researchers to provide regionally useful and built-for-purpose tools.


End-User Day Report

The formal report from RISC-KIT's Second End User Day is now available to view or to download. Click on the image below to download the file. 



 (high resolution version)

 (lower resolution version)


End-User Movies

Several end users were interviewed and asked their opinions on the importance of Coastal Resilience, the importance of collaboration and the relevance of RISC-KIT in their day-to-day business. Below you can hear End Users describe the importance of increased coastal resilience in their areas. 


What is the importance of coastal resilience in your area?



What drew you to collaborate in the RISC-KIT Project?



In what ways will RISC-KIT help your region's ability to deal with coastal risks?


What is the importance of collaboration between science and end users in achieving sustainable coastal management?



More films of the presentations made during End User Day will be coming soon. Watch this space...


For more RISC-KIT related films, visit the RISC-KIT You Tube Channel.



End-User Day Gallery

RISC-KIT End-User Day Participants, October 2015.


Meeting participants heard presentations from the RISC-KIT Consortium and from End Users .

RISC-KIT Coordinator, Ap Van Dongeren, opens the meeting.



Dr. Chritstophe Vivattenne from MU-FRH describes the CRAF tool.


Dr. Luisa Perini from the Emilia-Romagna region, Italy, describing management of coastal risks.


Mr. Val Swail describes how to build resilience with early warning systems


Participants provided feedback on the CRAF tool through an interactive workshop.  

Discussions focused on a poster about the CRAF tool.



RISC-KIT members hosted brain storming groups to discuss the tool.


End users had the opportunity to relate their experiences from their region.


End users provided comments on how to improve the CRAF tool.


End users had the opportunity to design their own interface for the EWS-DDS viewer.

Participants were provided with pen and paper to design their own GUI.



End users had the opportunity to explain their needs to the RISC-KIT researchers.


Round-table discussion provided a forum for the exchange of ideas.


Participants visualised how the final tool would operate.


A selection of web-based management guides was evaluated.

End users and RISC-KIT researchers worked together to evaluate managment guides.



End users provided feedback on existing tools.


End users shared their experiences with the RISC-KIT members.


End users voted on the elements that were most important to them in a web-based managment guide..



Stay tuned for more...