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We are an EU-funded project developing risk management tools, with the help of End Users, to help deal with hazards and storm impacts in vulnerable coastal areas.
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21 Jan 2017
Part of the DRR Working Group of the UN MGCY Young Scientists Platform on DRR [Read More]
20 Jan 2017
A new Testimonial film is on the way for RISC-KIT... [Read More]
16 Jan 2017
The course ran from 16 to 20 January 2017 at the University of the Algarve, Faro. [Read More]
10 Jan 2017
Severe storms experienced throughout Europe during winter 2016/17. [Read More]
04 Jan 2017
Find out all about the RISC-KIT project through our brand new animated film. [Read More]
06 Dec 2016
20-23 November 2016, Dubai, United Arab Emirates. [Read More]
02 Dec 2016
Read contributions to the FloodRISK 2016 Conference held in Lyon, France, 17-20 October 2016. [Read More]
01 Nov 2016
24 October to 04 November 2016 [Read More]
09 Oct 2016
17 to 21 October 2016, Lyon, France. [Read More]
07 Oct 2016
MCA is the fifth tool in the RISC-KIT toolbox and brings stakeholder feedback into the Decision Support System [Read More]
30 Sep 2016
The RISC-KIT Consortium will come together from 28-30 September. [Read More]
27 Sep 2016
6 September 2016, Bremen, Germany. [Read More]
25 Sep 2016
Congratulations to Iuliia Shustikova on the successful completion of her Masters studies. [Read More]
23 Sep 2016
Entitled: Predicting coastal hazards for sandy coasts with a Bayesian Network, this research is the result of a colaboration between Deltares, TU Delft, and the University of the Algarve. [Read More]
19 Sep 2016
RPS Applied Science Associates - South Kingstown, Rhode Island, USA. [Read More]
13 Sep 2016
Students came from all over Europe to learn about improving coastal resilience in coastal areas. [Read More]
12 Jul 2016
CIMA (Centre for Marine and Environmental Research), Universidade do Algarve, has a position available for a postdoctoral researcher on the EU project EVREST. [Read More]
08 Jul 2016
RISC-KIT partner and Case Study Owner for North Norfolk recognised for his academic achievements. [Read More]
01 Jul 2016
Dr. Ap Van Dongeren, RISC-KIT Coordinator, described how RISC-KIT tools can contribute to crisis management in terms of extreme climatic events. [Read More]
21 Jun 2016
Two special "Sprint Sessions" provided hands-on, results-driven training to CSOs in modelling Hazards and Impacts. [Read More]
16 Jun 2016
A special worshop took place between members of the RISC-KIT Consortium and the UK Environment Agency on 10 June 2016 with the aim of promoting the uptake of RISC-KIT tools among End Users. [Read More]
27 May 2016
The report of the meeting held in Brussels, 14 October 2015, is published online. [Read More]
26 May 2016
18-19 May 2016, Turku, Finland [Read More]
30 Apr 2016
RISC-KIT was highlighted during the recent European Geosciences Union General Assembly. [Read More]
28 Apr 2016
New Deadline: 6 May 2016 [Read More]
26 Apr 2016
A lot of hard work was accomplished during the project meeting in Faro, Portugal. [Read More]
15 Apr 2016
Enrollment open until 30th April, 2016 [Read More]
15 Apr 2016
21-22 April, Faro, Portugal [Read More]
29 Mar 2016
Colleagues from the University of the Algarve present RISC-KIT during an event at the Parque Natural de Ria Formosa. [Read More]
29 Mar 2016
Researchers at the University of the Algarve produced the latest research, published in Earth and Planetary Science Letters. [Read More]
28 Mar 2016
Partners from the University of Cambridge have published a new paper in the journal Earth Surface Processes and Landforms [Read More]
28 Mar 2016
RISC-KIT's Paolo Ciavola features on Italian TV Estense Ferrara. [Read More]
15 Mar 2016
Head of UNIDSR calls for greater female involvement in DRR. [Read More]
29 Feb 2016
RISC-KIT's Robert McCall, of Deltares, describes some of the findings of his PhD Thesis, "Processed-based modelling of storm impacts on gravel coasts." at the School of Marine Science and Engineering, Faculty of Science and Engineering, Plymouth University. [Read More]
26 Feb 2016
RISC-KIT presents at the meeting, 23-25 February 2016. [Read More]
16 Feb 2016
Presentation by Paolo Ciavola at the National Oceanography Centre, Liverpool, UK. [Read More]